The whole experience was extremely surreal

Where was the birth?
Sydney, Australia.

Can you describe where the birth was? 
I was in labour in 3 places: at home, in the birthing centre at hospital and in the delivery suite. The birthing centre was really quite nice – it had low lighting, a giant lava lamp type thing, a bed, bathroom and birthing pool. The delivery suite was a lot more clinical with harsh lighting and a lot of machines and medical equipment.

Who was present at the birth?
Present at the birth were: me, my husband, about 5 different midwives, an anaesthetist and a doctor – all at various stages of it.

Can you describe the experience of the birth?
As it was my first baby and I had been told to stay at home for as long as possible after contractions began, I was determined not to get to hospital too soon! However, I wasn’t prepared for how quickly everything would happen! My husband finally persuaded me to get in the car after washing and straightening my hair, and eating my dinner(!). The journey over numerous speed bumps was pretty painful! At hospital I was taken straight into the birthing centre. Once they had filled the pool (which took ages as they forgot to put the plug in!), I floated around in it for a couple of hours. I was in a lot of pain but there were definitely funny moments in between. I then needed an epidural so was taken to the delivery suite which was a lot more clinical. But by that point I really didn’t care! The whole experience was extremely surreal but I felt safe and confident that all would be well. I have positive memories of it and regularly think about it with a smile on my face.

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