I had refused induction as my baby and myself were fine

Where was the birth?
London – Lewisham Hospital

Can you describe where the birth was?
The birth took place in the labour ward then the surgery at Lewisham Hospital.

Who was present at the birth?
My husband and various midwives.

Can you describe the experience of the birth?
I had refused induction as my baby and myself were fine. At 43 weeks I finally relented to increased pressure and accepted the pessaries. My body still wasn’t ready and neither was my baby. 24 hours after the first pessary they persuaded me to go to labour ward to have my waters broken. They then put me on the drip. I had no pain relief until I begged for an epidural when the drip was ramped up to its highest level. Once the epidural was in I slept in relief for two hours. When they examined me I was only 4cms and not progressing at all. I was exhausted as by now I had been awake (other than my nap) for nearly 48 hours. My baby was completely fine with no signs of distress. We all agreed that the induction was not working so I was taken for C section. It was very calm and everyone was very jovial. My baby was delivered safely into my arms. He was 10lb 12oz and perfectly healthy. As was my cord and placenta which reassured the doctors that I had been right in knowing that I should have been allowed to continue to refuse induction. I still feel very sad that I was put under so much pressure and I wish I had had the strength to wait longer than I did.


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