Learning from my first birth I refused induction

Where was the birth?
London – Kings College Hospital

Can you describe the birth?
Home and then labour ward

Who was present at the birth?
My husband and my community midwife

Can you describe the experience the birth?
Learning from my first birth I refused induction and accepted scans at 41 and 42 weeks to reassure the doctors that my placenta and cord were fine. I had 3 sweeps in the last week. 12 hours after my 3rd sweep, at 4am, and 42+2 weeks my labour began. My plan was to home birth so I got in the bath while my husband filled the birthing tub. Once full I got in. My contractions were coming every 4-6 minutes and my midwife came to check on me at about 10. By midday the contractions were much stronger and faster but I was only 2cms. She advised me to get out of the bath and walk around a bit which I did. She left to give us some space and once she had gone everything seemed to speed up. Suddenly it became very intense and too much for me. I started losing blood with contractions so we called the midwife back and my husband panicked (worried about my c section scar rupturing) and called an ambulance. They arrived before my midwife to find me naked on the floor and moaning. They gave me gas and air which was brilliant. My midwife arrived and examined me – I was 6cm and the blood was most likely from my cervix opening so quickly – she wasn’t worried. I was in transition. However I had lost my zen and was panicking a bit too. I requested to go into hospital. We had a twenty minute ambulance ride (no blue lights) during which I was mooing. I went straight to labour ward and wanted to push. Twenty minutes later she was born. It was 12 hours from start to finish. It felt incredible. I was roaring like an animal. I’ve never felt more powerful. And it was the most healing experience after my first birth. I’m incredibly grateful to the people that helped me make it happen – especially my daughter and myself!

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