It was the most traumatic experience

Where did you give birth or where was the birth you witnessed?
Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, UK

Can you describe where your/the birth was?

I was in hospital, 2 weeks over due, had to be induced, it was the most traumatic experience,

Who was present at your/the birth?
Father of my son

Can you describe the experience of giving birth or watching the birth?
My experience was horrific and traumatic with both of my births, when I was 17 with my first I was 2 weeks over, had natural birth after being induced,very painful labour, needed stitches inside and out and needed 4 units of blood, felt very weak could hardly walk, no energy, he was 10lb.

With second son 13 years later I went 2 weeks over, had to be induced, while they tried to break waters work men on roof directly above dropped something so heavy I thought it was going to crash through the ceiling, so much so the Dr ran away, (how could I run for my life) he said sorry for that when he finally came back to me! I thought that was it. Ended up having a crash C- section as sons heart rate was low. They transferred him to Burnley for cooling treatment, (to prevent brain damage) he was there for 10 days. I was kept at Stepping Hill, they didn’t transfer me till 3 days after, had to have 2 units of blood, he was 10lb 6oz. I experienced a total lack of care at Stepping Hill. I still think about it everyday. Still traumatised, so many questions unanswered. Did the very loud bang cause my stress levels to increase to then me needing a crash C-Section?


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