After a c-section I’d hoped my second birth would be ‘natural’

Where was the birth?
North Manchester General Hospital in Crumpsall, Manchester.

Can you describe where the birth was?
As my first child had been born by c-section due to being breech I had to give birth on the labour ward so I could be monitored throughout.  My hope for a water birth with music never happened! I was on a bed in the middle of a room full of equipment and bright lights.  There was an ensuite and windows to the left of me.  I had two monitors around my belly to monitor me and the baby which made movement awkward.

Who was present at the birth?
My husband, a midwife and a student midwife. They’d delivered two babies already. A senior midwife was brought in when I had a tear and they discussed the option of an episiotomy.  I was checked by a Doctor during labour to ensure my c-section scar was coping with the natural labour.

Can you describe the experience of the birth?
After a c-section I’d hoped my second birth would be ‘natural’ even though terrified. Labour started in the early hours and we got to hospital around 4pm. I experienced a jolt through me that almost threw me off the bed.  My waters had broken. Tired and thinking I had hours ahead I asked about an epidural but it turned out I was ready to push! I felt I was pushing forever. Would he ever come out? If they’d said they were using forceps I wouldn’t have cared.  I was bleeding due to a tear.  I pushed with what energy I had and suddenly he was there. He came out all at once.  I remember thinking I don’t have to push anymore! They wrapped him up and lay him on me. I couldn’t see his face and asked my husband what he was like. He had lots of hair. In comparison the placenta was easy!  I got that euphoric feeling again. Wow. I’d reached the summit! Faced my fear! 2 hours later I was on the gas and air again for stitches as my husband cradled our son. That and the thought many women wouldn’t have that aftercare got me through.

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