As trained medical staff leave Kenya in vast numbers, and with sexual health a difficult subject in many Kenyan communities, women are often at risk. Through childbirth, women sometimes face risks and, should something go wrong for either themselves or their child, the social stigma and ensuing ostracism can affect the lives of women and their families for years. This play will uncover stories of despair and triumph that are rarely heard.

Mῦmbi is one of Kenya’s leading playwrights. She is also a director, producer, actor and campaigner and has been working in theatre for over 40 years. She runs her own company, Arts Canvas, whose work is seeping in African history and culture and has two children. Mῦmbi also spent 10 years working for the United Nations in Nairobi. She often works in the verbatim form and her trilogy of plays VOICE OF A DREAM, KIGEZINDOTO and WANJIKU have toured East Africa, Europe and have been staged at several venues in the US.

Mῦmbi Kaigwa's blog posts

August 4, 2016

Mῦmbi Kaigwa (Kenya) meets Mary Mumbi

Speaking about life after an operation to treat fistula, Mary Mumbi says: “Since the operation I dance so well in church, jumping and spreading my legs, and I don’t spill wa… water *laughs*’”

August 4, 2016

Mῦmbi Kaigwa (Kenya) meets Sabina Nyabiako

B!rth’s Kenyan writer Mῦmbi Kaigwa speaks to Sabina Nyabiako, a former sufferer of fistula. “You know, during our times, there weren’t many hospitals [you could go to]. You’d sit with older women, the way we’re sitting here, and they’d look after you. So at that time, we’d be sitting with the women, and I had no […]

August 4, 2016

Mῦmbi Kaigwa (Kenya) meets Dr Mabeya

B!rth’s Kenyan writer Mῦmbi Kaigwa speaks to hospital doctor Dr Mabeya about the inequalities in Kenya’s healthcare system.

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