If abundance of food was essential for the expansion of human population, why is it that today those who are the most deprived are the most populous? As resources become increasingly scarce, what can be done to control population growth? Engaging with this vital issue in a region where indigenous tribes are becoming extinct and, debating the issues of autonomy when disempowered women are asked to make a choice, the play will explore questions about inequality, control, democracy and kleptocracy. Through the examination of state-funded mass sterilization camps the play asks – how much right does the state have over our bodies?

Swati is one of India’s most exciting new playwrights, just 24 years old. She is from Bangalore and speaks Hindi, English, Kannada & Mandarin. Swati was part of Writer’s Bloc 4 organized by Rage Theatre, Mumbai and Royal Court, London. Her play FLYPAPER TRAP is scheduled to open this April at Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai. She has previously received a scholarship from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission to pursue her Master’s degree at Shanghai Theatre Academy.

Swati Simha's blog posts

July 29, 2016

A Small Mining Town: Visit to Noamundi, Jharkhand.

Swati Simha, B!RTH’s playwright based in India, shares some images from a recent research visit to Noamundi – a small mining town in the east of India. Noamundi is a small village in the state of Jharkhand home to the Ho tribal population and is known as ‘a small mining town’ with a large Tata […]

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