ORCHID (Kenya)


There are so many reasons why a woman may suffer rom fistula, a hole in the wall of the birth canal, but there is no good reason why that woman can’t be treated. Award-winning writer, performer and producer Mῦmbi Kaigwa shares real voices of fistula sufferers through this deeply moving piece of verbatim theatre.

Directed by Emma Callander

Performed by Minar Anwar, Danielle Henry, Mῦmbi Kaigwa, Yandass Ndlovu, Abdul Salis, Nadia Emam, Perveen Hussain

The B!RTH plays are available for charities & educational organisations to use are of charge for the next 3 years to raise awareness and encourage debate in the field. If you are interested in using the plays in the future, please contact us.

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