The Manchester Debates 2016

These plays were designed to raise debate around global health inequality. For further information on how you can use these plays to encourage debate please download the Resource Pack PDF in the column to the right of the screen.

During the inaugural BIRTH festival at the Royal Exchange Theatre a series of debates were held, based on the topics explored in the plays. These featured a range of industry experts from healthcare, academia, theatre and politics and can be streamed in full below.


1 in 3 women in India have been sterilised and 91% of pregnant teens in China have abortions.

Is the enforced control of population a necessary tactic or a tool of oppression?


Approximately 10% percent of all women in Kenya are living with Fistula & the UN estimates that half a million displaced Syrian women are pregnant.

What responsibility do we have as a global community for the health and wellbeing of women from areas of conflict and financial deprivation?


The number of women giving birth over the age of 40 has doubled in the UK over the last 10 years.

Midwives are still illegal in many states of the USA. 85% of births in Brazil’s private hospitals are by Caesarean. What effect has global capitalism had on birth practice in the developed world?


There are 2.9 million newborn deaths and 2.5 million stillborn babies each year.

What is causing this massive global health inequality and how can we make changes?

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